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Friday, 31st May 2002

Page Mailer scripts

I have been searching for a web page mailer for a while, most sites implement a "email this page" link which basically just sends out the URL. I wanted to send the content of the page, better yet, a predefined portion of the page.

Currently, Master webpage mailer is implemented in, it has however been abused on one occassion due to no ip banning; some one was sending 20 copies of the same article to one email address! Therefore it may not be a good solution for a very active site. It does a decent job in section definition, in the IMHO case, it will send out the main article without the sidebar, header or footer. Also it can be set to notify an adminstrator of every email sent - which Raquel really likes.

There is another commercial Mailthispage that may be better suited but I haven't tried it beyond testing it out at their demo site. also has a link to yet another "mailpage" script, but I think the parsing is not very good... If you know of a good script, let me know...

Wednesday, 7 May 2003
The script is no longer in use at We have switched the site to a pMachine template/mysql site and uses its own page-mailer system. Better control of what is being sent but Raquel is missing her notification email.

Kim | 6:16pm


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