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Monday, 12th May 2003

Acrobat PDF production notes

  1. Bulk replace links
    Obviously the world doesn't like PDFs as much as I do. There is a significant lack of tools that address the editing/production of PDF files. Many tasks have to be done manually and repeatedly within the Acrobat application.
    Recently I tried to update some text of a PDF file I keep online. The source is a Freehand document. I have tried manually updating the PDF file using Lantana's Pitstop but the process is way too slow and unpredictable within Acrobat - inter-letter spacings are exagerated for example. I had to switch back to Freehand to generate a new PDF - wiping out all the anchors/links I initially created within Acrobat.
    Along the process, I found out that if you use the "Replace Pages" command within Acrobat, you can keep the anchors/links in the original document which apparently are on its own "layer". At least I now know why there is a "replace pages" command.
  2. Copy & paste links
    Created links are not objects you can copy and paste, making the process of repeating links in say the header of every page, a tedious if not an impossible task. I stumble upon an Acrobat plug-in called "Ari's Link Tool 1.2.2". It does precisely that, allowing you to paste into multiple pages. If I had to do PDF every day, I would definitely buy it. For this particular 20 page project I am happy with the crippled demo.

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