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Screen fonts, also known as pixel fonts or bitmap fonts are fonts that are optimised for on-screen display. The most famous of these are possibly Susan Kare's "Chicago" and "Geneva" that came with the original Macintosh. Some of these screen fonts are of "TrueType" nature or have an associated "Postscript" file, and can be outputted to any resolution, but most of these are designed to be used at a specific size.

Sub 10 is my database of screen fonts whose capital “A” heights are less than 10 pixels high. This is by no mean an extensive list, but rather a list of fonts that I have come across and noted for their design function and/or quality. I hope you find this database useful. Here is a big thank you to all who publish freeware screen fonts.

I welcome any feedback and if you have created a screen font you want to be included here, please contact me

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